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Bios Rice

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Almost 50%

With up-to 50% crop waste which is fast renewable - rice-waste husk, the products made with Bios Rice biocomposites sequester carbon and reduce carbon footprint significantly. Made with 50% Plastic and 50% Crop Waste.


Rice Cultivation

You might buy rice in a bag at the grocery store, but it doesn’t come out of the ground that way. Growing rice is a precise science involving specialized technology. Specialized equipment is used to mill, sort, remove husk from the grain. Then we utilize the husk.


Innovative way of Recycling

In this mechanized process of removing the kernel from the husk - has been delicately designed to look for broken, discolored or immature kernels and remove them from the whole kernels of rice during processing. Wastage is then utilized.


State of the art - technology

Unique manufacturing processes makes it feasible to make impact resistant, durable homeware products and also reduce 50% carbon footprint in the process. Rice husk and kernels are converted to beautiful refined products.

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