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How to take care?

We all love our kitchen, don't we...?

No matter how old it is or how it's currently set up, it always remains a precious gem for us and we inevitably make that extra effort to keep them spic n span and maintain its beauty to add some more years of life.


A beautiful kitchen always inspires and is an integral part of your favorite occasions.

So are Nani's products..

NANI being a specialty manufacturer in household & kitchenware products has some valuable Nani ke Nuskhe to prolong the beauty of the products:

  • For all of NANI's product range, always use mild dishwashing soap, a soft sponge and water. This trio is good enough to prolong the design & make it sparkling clean and close to new.


  • Scrubbers are good for your exfoliation; not for our designs. So refrain the use of harsh scrubber. It causes cuts and scratches, eventually reducing the life of the product and the design.

  • Products marked as "Dishwasher Safe" must always be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher to prolong the beauty of the product. Failure to do so may damage the product.

  • Products marked as "Microwave Safe" must always be placed in the microwave without the lids, as applicable. The same shall be mentioned on the product packing. Failure to do so shall damage the product.


  • Oil stains & stickiness on our product? It's simple. Just use baking soda to get rid of any oil stains and stickiness and be ready for your next use without any prior traces.

  • You hate unpleasant odour.? We are sure everyone does.

gfhbOur products are odor resistant. Yet some nasty odors may also love our products just like your love. Worry not, here are some Nani ke Nuskhe:

- Add a moderate amount of baking soda in the container, close it and keep it overnight. Clean it & start using it.

- Take a piece of moist paper and put it inside the container, close it and keep it overnight. Clean it & use it.

- Keep the product under the sunlight for 15 mins and rinse the product. Dry it and you're good to go.


With these tips I’m sure you’re products will shine clean & bright and will serve you for years together.

Care for your Nani Product as you would for a baby "

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