How to take care?

We all love our kitchen items right? No matter how old they are or what they are made up of, they are a gem for us and we always make an extra effort to keep them clean to add some more years to their life and use them on our favorite occasions.

NANI being a specialty manufacturer in kitchenware and household products has some valuable guidelines as to how you can preserve NANI’s kitchenware products for a longer period of time.

  • When it comes to NANI’s plastic products, make sure you always use dish washing soap or liquid and water to wash and rinse.


  • Don't use steel scrubber (It causes cuts and scratches on the product which eventually reduces the life of the product)


  • Use baking soda to get rid of oil stains and stickiness


  • To get rid of unpleasant odour:

- Add moderate amount of baking soda in the container, close it and keep it overnight

- Take a piece of moist paper and put it inside the container, close it and keep it overnight

- Keep the product under the sunlight for 15 mins and rinse the product.


When it comes to NANI’s glassware, NANI suggests to wash these products in normal water and dish soap to elevate the life of your favorite kitchen items. Also, a scouring pad will be harsh on delicate glass items instead choose soft brush or sponge to avoid scratches.

If you prefer Tritan over everything else, then you don’t need to worry at all as Tritan is born with features like durability, clarity, safety and odour resistance so taking care of Tritan products is no rocket science, just a caring wash with normal water and its done.

With these tips I’m sure you’re products will shine clean and bright and will serve you for years together.