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Ever thought about using a kitchenware product that's as safe as being used for a baby?

Tritan™ from Eastman is a tough, BPA-free plastic - a copolyester - sourced to manufacture a variety of household & kitchenware products that you can use every day. Products made from Tritan™ are versatile, impact and shatter-resistant. The advantage - they stay clear, durable and just-like-new even after years of repeated use and wash cycles.


NANI™ is the pioneer to introduce Tritan™ in India with the range of household and kitchenware products. These products lend glamor to your kitchen and dining experience. The superior durability of the products makes them versatile to use & handle without much care.


Tritan™ is 100% safe for everyone, including the infants. Tritan™ has been rigorously tested by third-party labs to ensure its safety for being used for food. It is free of any bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S(BIS) and/or any other bisphenol compounds. So, you can store & enjoy your food sans worrying of your favorite food being leached with toxic chemicals.

Our TRITAN Products

vienna grande 2.jpg
dinner set 18 pc blue.jpg
black lock & strong.348.png
Lock & Strong
Marvel Twins.jpg
infusion jug.png
Squar Container set of 1 - Copy.png
Twist & Lock Containers
Triguard blue.jpg
Triguard Bottle

Features of TRITAN™

Feature BPA Free Twist and Lock.jpg

Our TRITAN™ range of products are completely BPA/BIS free.

Which means no matter what food you store in these jars, it will remain as it is meant to be and not be mixed with toxic chemicals.

Looks can be deceiving.

That's true with TRITAN. The superior clarity of our TRITAN™ products will deceive you to believe it to be glass yet is quite lighter than glass.

Features Glass appeal Glassy classy.jpg

You can drop it yet can't break it.

Our TRITAN™ products are unbreakable. You can definitely handle them without care, just worrying about the mess created when you accidentally drop the TRITAN™  

Feature Unbreakable Quartz.jpg
Feature Dishwasher Safe Dinner set.jpg

Not all plastic wares are dishwasher safe, but TRITAN™ is. Our TRITAN™ products are rated Dishwasher Safe. Place it on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean. Your Tritan products are sparkling clean and ready for use.

Feature Freezer safe lock & strong.jpg
Our TRITAN™ products are 100% freezer safe. Thus keeping your food health intact and also giving a glass appeal to storing your food.
All our Tritan™ products are rated microwave safe sans worrying of the food being leached with toxic chemicals. 
Feature Microwave safe serving bowl.jpg
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