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Bios Bamboo

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Almost 50%

With up-to 50% crop waste which is fast renewable - bamboo-waste, the products made with Bios Bamboo biocomposites sequester carbon and reduce carbon footprint significantly. Made with 50% Plastic and 50% Crop Waste.


Value of "Bamboo"

Bamboo can be used as a biofuel, food, and for architecture and construction applications and plays a large role in the local economy by creating job opportunities. We are utilizing Bamboo in a unique way and making our homeware products eco-friendly.


Innovative way of Recycling

Natural bamboo can be recycled in so many ways - And the husk of bamboo culm can be easily made into a special composite material - making an array of products that are sustainable and organic. Cutting carbon footprint by almost 50%


State of the art - technology

Bamboo poles should be chipped and used for our special application and processing. We have indigenously created a method which also improves the drying process of the bamboo culm and results in a nice uniform color of the dried culm. 

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