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Bios Bean

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Almost 50%

With up-to 50% crop waste which is fast renewable - coffee-waste husk & grounds, the products made with Bios Bean biocomposites sequester carbon and reduce carbon footprint significantly. Made with 50% Plastic and 50% Crop Waste.


Every Coffee Bean has a story

Coffee is produced in over seventy countries by tens of thousands of farmers and day laborers, each dealing with different weather patterns, geography, and culture. And, we are able to recycle coffee waste from all corners of the globe.


Innovative way of Recycling

Recycling coffee has some great benefits and it also provides a circular economy for the makers. Not only does it divert waste away from landfill, but the spent coffee husk and grounds can be used to produce some cool things like NANI products.


State of the art - technology

Unique manufacturing processes makes it feasible to make impact resistant, durable homeware products and also reduce 50% carbon footprint in the process. Coffee husk and grounds are converted to beautiful refined products.

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