Tritan Product Range 


Store your daily necessities or favorite munchings in NANI’s “Belly Jars” that come with a see-through structure and colorful pattern lid that enhances the allure of your kitchen Or just use it to gift during occasions & festives.

Firangi Glass

Firangi Glass is the lightest glass for mocktails, cocktails and exquisite desserts. It’s a unique blend of style and durability. Its upper part resembles the clarity of a glass and its lower part comes in various textures.

Vienna Quartz Glasses

Nani’s Vienna glass sets a celebration mood for any occasion. It’s crystal like design makes the glass look wanting and appealing. 

Fun Jar

It’s an octagonal shaped entertainment jar in which you can infuse your creativity to the fullest. The bullet shaped cap gives a magical look to the jar. 

Infusion Jug

An enchanting jug apt for storing detox water and juices to make your day light and healthy. Its attractive shape gives your dining a magnificent view.

Glassy Classy Containers

Glassy Classy Containers are Tritan made containers which resemble the look of the glass. The shape of the containers is unique which makes your kitchen décor presentable and modern. 

Marvel Twins

It’s a slender shaped container which can be used in multipurpose ways. The dome shaped cap gives a ravishing look to the overall structure of Marvel Twins. 

Showcase your party spirit and adjoin an enticing twist to your party with NANI’s tritan made Firangi 2.O glasses that has curvy design which makes them look unique. Its bottom part has colorful patterns making these glasses look glamorous.

Firangi Glass 2.0

Lock & Strong

Lock the freshness of your food and be healthy
with NANI’s Lock and Strong tritan boxes that keeps your food safe and spill proof. Its splendid colors will certainly add charm to your cookhouse.. 

Vienna Serving Bowl

Store it and serve it with NANI’s Vienna
Serving Bowls, which are tritan made bowls that come with a lid.
Its bright colors makes your dining look fresh and alluring.

Vienna Dinner Set

Bon Appetite! With NANI’s Vienna Dinner Set
that is tritan made set of bowl and plate, designed to make your
dinner time peaceful.

Vienna Grande Glass

Say cheers to all the life & happiness with our exclusive Vienna Grande Glasses. Perfectly styled & designed for those who don’t like to compromise and are longing for a little more to quench their thirst.

Triguard Bottle

 A bottle that will keep you well hydrated, hold up against bangs, bumps, and drops, and not leak a single drop ever - the iconic Triguard Tritan Bottle.