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Firangi Glass

( Set of 4 )

The Design

Top :The design of the top portion is a supreme excellence of simplicity. The well-defined rim gives an edge to the conical shape. The upper portion is made up of Tritan which gives a glass appeal.

Benefits of Tritan?

 Product made with Tritan plastic are clear, durable, safe, BPA free and stylish. It has clarity and reflectivity which gives an appeal of a glass. The quality superiority of Tritan has been clearly proven by third-party labs.       

Bottom : The design of the bottom portion is an epitome of support. The gentle conical shape gives the top portion a definite balance which does not topple down.

Bottom Portion



BPA Free



Smooth Rims


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Physics at Work

Long-lasting clarity

Odour resistant


Glass-like appeal

Stain resistant

Long-lasting clarity:The plastic has clarity of the glass. Unlike other plastic products it does not lose its luster and gloss after repeated dish washing.

Stain Resistant: It has the ability to withstand the contacts caused with liquids, including oil and grease, and solid surfaces.

Odour Resistant: As the product is made up of Tritan it has the ability to resist the odour of any level and this has been tested and proven by third-party labs.

Durability: As the product is made up of Tritan it has the ability to withstand pressure or damage.

Glass like Appeal: It is difficult to distinguish between the actual glass and the product because it has the reflectivity. Even if you drop, it won’t shatter like a glass.

BPA Free: Also being BPA Free, it doesn’t contain BPS (Bisphenol S) or any other bishphenols. This ensures safety of your health.

Easy Grip



Pattern: Beauty” is what these patterns define that are creatively designed to give your glasses a spectacular look. 


Height: 10 cms

Length: 10 cms

Breath :12.2 cms

Volume: 150 ml Per piece


  • 4 Pieces Of Firangi glass



Upper Part: Tritan

Lower Part:  ABS

Firangi Glass is the lightest glass for mocktails, cocktails and exquisite desserts. It’s a unique blend of style and durability. Its upper part resembles the clarity of a glass and its lower part comes in various textures. It’s an ideal product to enjoy drinks, desserts and make your home or outdoor party dreams come true.

Top Portion

Easy Grip: As its gentle conical in shape it gives you an easy grip. This also ensures that the body

temperature does not affect the liquid present in the upper portion.

Firmness: The firmness makes it to handle the weight efficiently and avoids the drink to topple down

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