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Wonder Plate

( Set of 2 )

The Design

Plate: The shape has been uniquely designed so that you can easily hold the plate and multitask at the same time. Also, the bowl section has an indent in which you can easily keep pickles and sauces.

Bowl: The bowl is designed in such a manner that it easily fits in the indent and it stays at the same place. The lid provided helps to store and keep your food hygienic. This initiates less food wastage. 

Trino: It's a hybrid cutlery (Spoon+ Fork + Knife) which serves your eating purpose with ease.  You can easily place the Trino in between the slot in standing position which helps to eliminate messiness while having food during such occasions.


BPA Free

Unique design

Easy to hold

  • Can easily have complete meal in it

  • Carry on road journey and picnics

  • Suitable to gift your family, friends and loved ones

  • Can use for catering purpose and parties


Photo Gallery

Physics at Work


163 gm.


  28.8 cm


30.9 cm

What's in The Box


Height- 30.9 cm

Weight- 108 gm.

Width- 28.8


  • ​Cap x 2

  • Plates x 2

  • Trino x 2

  • Bowl  x 2


Plates : PP food grade Plastic

Trino: PP food grade Plastic

Bowl : PP food grade Plastic

It’s a unique shape plate in which you can easily hold your whole meal. The plate has two sections in which you can place containers for the veggies and sauces. Between the two sections there’s a small slot to keep your Trino. So that you can have your food without any disturbance. This Wonder plate is portable enough that you can carry it for long journey, picnics and even use them for catering purposes and enjoy your scrumptious food in it.

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