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Why do you need a cute old lady in your life?

NANI is a cute old lady who has several responsibilities towards her family. She's the only lady in the family who has mastered the art of cooking, telling imaginary stories, carrying traditions and solving your problems instantly. (Thanks to her life journey so far). We share a special bond with her where she becomes our guide, friend and strict teacher when required. Lastly, she loves you unconditionally.

These similar aspects are also present in our brand NANI which resolves your problems by creating unique products for your day to day life and making things easier and happier for you.

Finally, a small poem for all our lovely Nanies.

She’s not old but young,


She reflects culture and loves to be modern,

She’s not dull but she’s bright and colorful,

Yet she’s simple but looks unique and wonderful,

Yes that’s our NANI.

Written By- Sayli Jadhav

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