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Water is the quintessential part of our lives. Some
fascinating facts about water say: 75% of the human brain is
water and 75% of a living tree is water. A person can live
about a month without food, but only about a week without
When we all know, what’s the importance of water in our
lives, its utmost necessary to keep oneself hydrated 24/7
and stay fit and healthy to enjoy special moments in our
We often forget about water when we know, “Health is
Wealth”. You don’t need to pay huge amount in gym
memberships or spend time in beauty parlors for facials and
glowing masks. Embrace the habit of having atleast 3 litres
of water every day for a healthy skin, good immune and a
positive mind.
When it comes to keeping yourself hydrated to an optimum
level, plunge in for NANI’s “Dumbbell Bottle” and “Crystal
Bottle” collection that are an amazing choice for quenching
your thirst not just by its utility by its appearance too.
Theses bottles are blessed with unique structure that will
certainly grab everyone’s attention and will make people
wonder about its beauty. Along, with that these bottles are
portable, light in weight making it comfortable for you to carry
it with you to your desired destination. An additional benefit
includes, they are BPA free that makes them safe and
trustworthy. They are Dishwasher Safe so washing them
won’t be a tedious task just put them in dishwasher and
you’re ready to use them again like new. They have a
brilliantly designed structure that gives you easy grip.

These bottles are truly a treasure with all its multiple
features, that will elevate your water intake and keep you
glowing and healthy forever.

Written By- Duheeta Joshi

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