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Snacky Stacky Plates

( Set of 4 )


The design of the plate is so unique that it can be used by anyone anywhere like for long journey, picnics, camping or even for office parties or snack times.

The shape is unique as you can stack them easily in any corner of your kitchen racks or bag and carry it easily.

They are light in weight which makes you to snack up easily.

100% BPA free (Bisphenol A). enjoy your snacks with out any worry

BPA free


Unique design

Light in weight

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What's in The Box


Height: 20.4 cm

Length: 19.1 cm

Breath: 2.4 cm

Volume: 350 ml


  • 4 Snacky Stacky Plates (Colors: Yellow, green, Orange & Blue)

  • 4 Big Trino (Colors: Yellow, green, Orange & Blue)


Plates: PP Plastic

Trino: PP Plastic

It’s an ideal plate for serving your favorites snacks. They are designed in such a way that you can stack them easily in the kitchen or simply carry in your bag. There is a special compartment in the corner of the snacky plates to hold pickle and sauces. The bright pastel colors of these plates gives an elegant look to your dining table. As they are portable you can also carry this Snacky Stacky Plates to picnics, outings, camping and hiking.

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