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You work long hours on your laptop?? Experiencing strain and pain in your neck, back, and your wrist??

This means your work posture is not perfect while using your laptop.

Worry not, our Laptop Stand is perfect to offer you maximum comfort while you work long hours offering you a posture that provides you ease while working.


Features at a glance:

  • High Grade Sturdy material
  • Provision to hold mobile & pen/stylus
  • Offers Ergonomic work position
  • Positions the laptop at the right height

  • Inexpensive way to increase efficiency

  • Reduces strain on neck and hands

  • Ideal to use at schools, homes, offices, etc

Laptop Stand

    • 1 unit of the product
    • 1 size for all laptop sizes
    • In-built mobile stand & pen/stylus cavity
    • Refrain from any harsh scrubbers or chemicals to prolong the beauty of the product.
    • A damp cloth is enough to clean it.
    • donot put unnecessary pressure or load on the stand to avoid breakage
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