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Platter that Matter

A good meal is an important part of the day and Plates are inevitable and most required part of it. Be it Pulav or Chicken Biryani, Fruit Salad or Vegetable Raitaa, Dal Makhani or Butter Chicken, Homemade or ordered Chinese, Yum!! My mouth started watering. No matter what dishes we choose plates are something we can’t ignore. They serve a major purpose of why your food looks good. They are effective for presentations and hence, plates should be presentable.When it comes to presentable accessories grab one from NANI’s kitchen. NANI’s kitchen has a finest plates that are extra advantaged elegant too. Let me start by introducing “Wonder Plates”. Wonder Plates are one of the top quality products of NANI that come under the category of plastic ware. Wonder Plates are distinctive shaped plates that has two sections for carrying veggies and sub stuffs. It also holds a place for trino to make the procedure of having food super easy and comfortable.

They are cushy and simple to carry wherever you travel. Another product which can be the centre of attraction is our Snacky Stacky Plates. Snacky Stacky Plates are adorable little plates designed for basking snacks whenever you crave for them. Belonging to the plastic ware family, these products are a must have. They have fresh colors plus they are portable and feather weight. Plates add on beauty to your kitchen and dining décor and make every meal memorable with NANI’s plate range.

Written By- Duheeta Joshi

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