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Munchie Box

( Set of 3 )


BPA Free

As Munchie Box is 100% BPA free (Bisphenol A). Now you can safely enjoy your snacks.

Light in weight

It is light in weight as you can carry it easily wherever you go and refuel your tummy with yummy snacks.


Munchie Box structure is designed in such a way that if you drop this mini box in water the snacks inside the box won’t get affected as it is completely waterproof. So no need to worry, carry your Munchie Box and enjoy your munchies time.

Vibrant colors

The vibrant colors with matte finishing give an appealing look.


As good things comes in small packages. This mini snack box is so compact that it easily gets fit in your bag pack and purse.

What's in The Box


Volume: 175 ml

Height: 3.5 cms

Length: 13.8 cms 



  • Lid​ x 3

  • Base x 3

  • 1 Small Trino x 3


Cap: Plastic

Base : PP Plastic

Trino : ABS plastic

Munchie Box is a unique shaped container with vibrant colors. This shape gives it a neat and trendy look.You can use it to store biscuits, savories and munchies which can be handy for any person. It’s a perfect partner for your snack time. You can use it to carry to your office, school, on road picnic, camping, hiking and even you can carry baby food in it.So now enjoy your titbit breaks with Munchie Box.

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