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Innovation + Evolution + Ideas = Comfortable Ideas

What is an idea? How does it come? Why it makes us to imagine things? How ideas can make things better? These are tons of questions when we think about ideas.

Ideas are basically plethora of thoughts which keeps on coming for no reason. In fact getting ideas is better than being stagnant. It gives us the power to imagine and innovate things around you. That's what keeps our mind going.

Thanks to Homo erectus who accidentally lit the fire and started the whole process of thinking and imagining. These two aspects made our survival. This also made Homo Sapiens (us) biologically more prone towards ideas and thoughts. If our Homo Erectus ancestor wouldn't have thought so much probably I would be still drawing on the walls.

Ideas can be either simple or complex. To get in between these two ideas let's term it as the "Comfortable Ideas". So what's comfortable ideas? 

Here's the answer, comfortable ideas are the combination of simple and complex ideas. It helps you to forget your hurdles and make things easier for you. Even if the product is highly innovative or improvised or is carrying a new version of it, these two aspects should be present in it. 

Some of you might be thinking that why comfortable ideas? Because it makes life simpler and better. These ideas are initially accepted only by the radical ones those who want to stay ahead of the time and make things happening for them. But as the idea grows so the level of acceptability and it starts getting into lives of people which eventually becomes an habit. 

Don't you believe it then look around you. Your smartphone itself is a comfortable idea because you don't carry a telephone, a radio, a Walkman, a diary, a phone book or an encyclopedia but you carry a small rectangular piece which fulfills all your necessities.   

Written By- Sayli Jadhav

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