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Hunger Box

Hunger Box is a compact shaped tiffin. It has a mid-tier and 3 containers which helps you to maintain right proportion of meal. In mid-tier there’s a small section for dessert. It helps you carry your wholesome meal without comprising your appetite. Along with your meal you can also carry your mid-day snacks in it. It’s useful to carry in school, office, on road, picnics, camping or hiking.

Mid Tier

Lid – The design of lid is unique and have variant colors with 3 latches which avoids spillage of food spill.

Container - No more dabbas to carry around just to carry varieties of food. As these 3 containers get fits in your hunger box.

Mid TierThis layer has multi use. You can carry your soft Chapatti’s, sweets, rice and use this layer as plate and have your delicious food with great comfort.

The Design



Easy to carry

complete meal

Leak Proof


BPA Free



Dish washer


Photo Gallery 


Now pack your love and let your kids carry nutritious food in this compact tiffin box. It takes a tiny place in their school bag and is light in weight to carry.So all Moms can pack their kids happiness in a single box and make them eat healthy and tasty food.


Adventures are to be experienced and experiences are for lifetime. So the people who opt for such thrills need to carry Hunger Box because it will suffice your need in mid of your journey. As the product is compact and easy to carry which you can make versatile and adaptable to your needs.


It’s important to stay ahead in your work and give the best of ourselves. This requires energy which we get from the food we eat. So you can carry wholesome meal in Hunger Box.

It helps you to make a difference by its stylish design, leak resistant quality and vibrant colors.

This bunched box adds more value to your style and now no need to carry separate containers just carry your Hunger Box which fits in your purse or briefcase.


        The actual definition of compact means closely and neatly packed together and so is our Hunger Box.      

        The components inside the product are designed in such a way that it holds your complete meal and gives a stylish, sleek and alluring look which makes you enjoy your delicious food.

Physics At Work

Leak Resistant

The interior portion of the lid has a silicon rim which makes it leak resistant.   

Stain Resistant

The interior part of the product has a gloss finishing which makes it stain resistant. 

Secure Latch

The 3 latches surrounding the 3 sides of the product prevents it from accidental opening and spillage .

What's In The Box


Height: 20 cms

Length: 21 cms

Breath : 6.7 cms

Volume: 1150 ml


PP  (Food Grade)


  • Lid

  • Mid-tier

  • 1 big Trino

  • 3 containers with lids

  • Base

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