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Hunger Box 2.O 

Satisfy your hunger with something nutritious from Hunger Box 2.O that comes with an impeccable storage facility and a trino to make your mealtime comfortable. This compact box is spacious to carry your wholesome meal wherever you intend to travel. Available in metallic colors of Magenta,Green and Blue these boxes look enticing and classy.

Mid Tier

Lid – This box comes with a perfectly fitting lid and has flaps capable of unlimited clicks that doesn’t break even after innumerable usage. This smart lid ensures your food remains safe and doesn’t mess/spill.

Container - The top portion of the box has space to carry your rotis and a section designed to keep salads/ pickles. Below, it consist a set of 3 boxes that are fit for carrying dals and vegetables.

Mid TierThis layer has multi use. You can carry your soft Chapatti’s, sweets, rice and use this layer as plate and have your delicious food with great comfort.

The Design


Unlimited click 

Leak Proof


BPA Free



99% Bacteria 


Photo Gallery 


Though spacious to carry your entire meal, this box is compact and fits easily in your bag so that your tummy is always full with something yummy wherever you travel.

Physics at Work

Leak Resistant

The interior portion of the lid has a silicon rim which makes it leak resistant.   

Anti- bacterial- Secure your health by choosing Hunger Box 2.O which is made of green technology and is also BPA Free, assuring the health of the family. As health is of prime importance, it should be always maintained well by opting for healthy options. Hunger Box 2.O with its anti- bacterial properties assures your family stays fit and healthy.

Secure Latch

The 3 latches surrounding the 3 sides of the product prevents it from accidental opening and spillage .

What's in The Box


Height: 6.7 cms

Length: 21 cms

Breath : 20 cms

Volume: 1150 ml


PP  (Food Grade)


  • Lid

  • Mid-tier

  • 1 big Trino

  • 3 containers with lids

  • Base

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