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Crockery Collection


Gentle edges and curves on this generously sized casserole with unique and rustic patterns add grace every time you set the table. It's perfect for everyday use to serve gravy dishes, pastas, pulses, etc. and create a classically stylish casual dining statement. It's an ideal way to gift on occasions.

Rectangle Baking Dish

It's an ideal dish to make your food dishes look tempting and scrumptious. The unique and stunning patterns give a cherry on the ice cream by making your dining setting more attractive and happening for all kinds of occasions.

The apple shaped bowl is an ideal shape which complements your snacks and desserts in it. The dual patterns make it look attractive which enhances your table settings. It becomes a fitting giftware for all your occasions to come

Apple Bowl 

Square Baking Dish

It's a square shaped baking dish with smooth edges and elegant dual patterns on it. The pattern of the baking dish enhances the look of your food which is ready to get served. Its uniqueness makes it stand apart in your dinner setting

Oval Baking Dish

It's a classic shape in which you can easily serve your favourite dishes in it. Its unique design and ideal shape enhances the presentation of  cakes, veggies, and pastas , making it look tempting.