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Get Together with NANI

Today, we are so connected to our loved ones thanks to Social Media but
something like “Get together” exists that is a part of our social life and
moreover, an opportunity to meet our adorable cousins, caring Uncles and
Aunts apart from just receiving their everyday “GOOD MORNING” texts.
What a special moment we all have when we are together. Isn’t it? So,
we’ve come up with some ways to make your guests rejoice.
Plan- As planning is the foremost step it must be done well in advance.
Who will be invited? And the list should be ready, what venue to choose?
What to serve? Entertainment should also be planned.
Asking for consent- Not always that everybody you want to make a part
of your happiness will be able to deliver their bit so, it’s better to ask for the
consent if they can contribute to the happiness and make the evening
Invitations- Based on the response, Next step would be sending up the
invitations to the people who are listed, mentioning about the venue and
Food, Refreshments & Entertainment- Food is the main source of
happiness. Decide. What will be the best cuisine for all and what all
entertainment modes should be organized to spice up that evening? It
should be something that everyone will be able to participate and feel the
NANI believes get togethers are the greatest source of joy. The bond of
togetherness helps everyone get closer, exchange smiles and make
memories. NANI’s marvellous kitchen ware collection, will make serving
food more of style and comfort and your get together more monument.
NANI wishes to be a part of your family and a member of your love and
togetherness forever and ever.

Written By- Duheeta Joshi

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