Gherkin Bottle

The Design


The flip top sipper cap of the bottle facilitates easy drinking of water without water spillage as the cap is a complete liquid tight cover.


The design is exclusive with crystalline texture which gives the bottle prismic and exquisite look. The design would surely enhance your personality with its stunning structure. This luminous bottle is an epitome of perfection


Bottle is designed according to your needs. As its lowermost portion has narrow shaped design. This tapered bottom gives you an easy grip to hold the bottle and also it easily get fit in any kind of holders (e.g. Car holders, fridge)


BPA Free

Unique Shape: The structure of bottle has a unique design with diamond shaped texture which gives bottle a prismic and attractive look

Light weight: It is light as feather that you can carry it easily anywhere anytime.

Portable: You can easily carry it to school, college and office or to any outdoor activities and because of the narrow bottom the bottle get fits in any type of holders easily (e.g. Car holders)

Leak Proof: Bottle is complete leak resistant.

BPA Free:  To ensure the safety of your health the Crystal Bottle is complete BPA Free

Photo Gallery

Physics at Work


 24 cm


 700 ml


 78 gm.


8 cm

What's in The Box


Volume- 700 ml

Height- 24 cm

Weight- 78 gm.

Diameter- 8 cm


  • ​Cap

  • Bottle


Cap: Plastic

Bottle: Plastic

This bottle will remind you of one of the most famous London attractions which is 500000 sq. Ft high ”The Gherkin” situated in the city of dreams . It is an iconic structure housing a flourishing community.  This NANI’s bottle has also been designed to reflect that same glaze and sophistication at your own home. Its exquisite shape, textured linings and the glittering top gives it a modish look that no one can resist to fall in love with.