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End your war against hunger with Nani’s Hunger Box

Now a days, we are so busy with our hectic schedule that we crave for healthy and  

a wholesome meal. As nutritious food is must for our health,but unfortunately we have to carry multiple containers with nasty spillages which is total boredom and un-manageable. So, to cater this problem our one and only Nani is going to introduce Hunger box which is completely out of the box. This compact Hunger Box is for those who can carry their wholesome meal and have it anytime anywhere and stay young at heart like our Nani.

Also, in today’s durable market we have n number of shapes and sizes of tiffin boxes or say lunch boxes, but not a compact tiffin box for us.So our detective Nani investigated this and as she knows there’s no sincere love than the love for food. Then she researched and after a complete investigation our beloved Nani is now going to come up with her most unique and compact shaped tiffin box. It has a unique design with vibrant colors and a premium quality offerings of her products.

Since, we Indians are very foodie and love to carry cooked food from home this includes delicious vegetables, fragrant dal-rice, roti’s, salad and last but not least guilt for sweets and our hunger box accommodates your complete meal.

So,our Nani is coming soon to serve happiness with her Hunger Box on 20 th of May, 2017 at 4.00 pm on various platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Then why wait to have a complete meal.Now say bye to hunger with our Nani’s Hunger Box.

Written By- Amruta Dhanavade

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