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Dumbbell Bottle

The Design





The linear design with minimalist gaps gives the cap an adequate grip between the thumb and index finger this makes you to easily open and close the bottle. The additional benefit of buttress thread also makes it leak proof.The gaskate helps to secure the upper rim of the bottle which makes the bottle leak proof.


The bottle structure motivates you to be fit. It has a unique design and easy grip by which you can easily drink water, energy drink, protein shakes and juices.This shape is exclusive as it attracts any one from any age group. It makes you realize that to be fit you need to stay hydrated.


The dynamic colors makes you to stay motivated and energized. These translucent colors gives the bottle an appealing look which accentuates your personality and crucially helps you to keep on track of your water in take.


BPA Free

Easy grip: It’s unique dumbbell design has a firm grip which gets fit in your hands

Light weight: You can carry this bottle anytime-anywhere as it is light in weight

Portable: It’s unique and simple structure makes convenient for you to carry

Leak Proof: The water is intact in the bottle because of the cap which has a buttress thread and this keeps it sealed tight and leak proof

Photo Gallery

Physics at Work


25 Oz 750 ml


22 cm 8.66 in


90 gm


8.9 cm 3.50 in

Cap diameter

4.6 cm


Volume: 750 ml

Height: 22 cm

Diameter: 8.9 cm

Weight: 90 gm


  • ​Cap

  • Bottle


Cap: Plastic

Bottle: Plastic

What's in The Box

It’s a dumbbell shaped bottle which accessorizes and gives you a trendy look. The shape has an easy grip by which you can easily drink water, energy drinks, protein shakes or juices. You can keep the way you like it and the best part about it is that it doesn’t roll over. You can easily carry to gym, school, college or office as its portable and light in weight.

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