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Book Box

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NANI keeps it cool and trendy. Yes, gone are the days when you just had one monotonous way of carrying your meals in creaky Lunch Boxes. In vogue is the style of carrying a book box” NANI’s book box”, A lunch Box designed in the shape of a book. NANI’s book box will set a style statement to your chic look, by showing off your urbanity. It will set you apart from the crowd by adding an extra flare of stylishness & elegance.

The Design

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Lid – The design of lid is unique and have variant colors with 3 latches which avoids spillage of food spill.

Container - No more dabbas to carry around just to carry varieties of food. As these 3 containers get fits in your hunger box.

Mid TierThis layer has multi use. You can carry your soft Chapatti’s, sweets, rice and use this layer as plate and have your delicious food with great comfort.


Easy to carry

complete meal

Leak Proof


BPA Free



Dish washer


Photo Gallery 

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Now pack your love and let your kids carry nutritious food in this compact tiffin box. It takes a tiny place in their school bag and is light in weight to carry.So all Moms can pack their kids happiness in a single box and make them eat healthy and tasty food.

Book Boo

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