Plastic Product Range 

Shades Bottle

When we think summers, we think hydration. Change the way you drink cold water with our magic bottles. Just pour cold water and watch the base color magically transform to a playful orange color.

Eiffel Bottle  1 L

This bottle reminds you of the symbol of love and beauty ”The Eiffel Tower” situated in the most romantic city of the world “Paris” - now in a bigger variant, based on the demand of our fans.

Hunger Box

Hunger Box is a compact shaped tiffin. It has a mid-tier and 3 containers which helps you to maintain right proportion of meal. In mid-tier there’s a small section for dessert. It helps you carry your wholesome meal without comprising your appetite. Along with your meal you can also carry your mid-day snacks in it. 

Gem Jar

Nani’s Gem Jars are cutely shaped jars that makes your gifting and storage memorable. The unique aspect of this jar is that it comes in

2-in-1 colors which changes according to lights surrounding it. It’s an ideal jar to gift your loved ones and also to enhance your kitchen décor

Crystal Bottle

The shape of the bottle is unique which makes it attractive. The crystal textures on the bottle makes it an epitome of perfection. The reason to have a bottom narrow is to keep the bottle in any kind of holder. The tapered region in the bottle gives a firm grip to the bottle.

Dumbbell Bottle

It’s a dumbbell shaped bottle which accessories and gives you a trendy look. The shape has an easy grip by which you can easily drink water, energy drinks, protein shakes or juices. You can keep the way you like it and the best part about it is that it doesn’t roll over.

Mini Dumbbell Bottle

It’s a cute little sized unique shaped dumbbell bottle. The Mini Dumbbell Bottle shape has a firm and slim grip so that even your kids can easily hold it and one add on benefit of ribbon being attached to the cap helps you to carry bottle anywhere with ease. This helps you to stay hydrated by carrying water, energy drinks or juices.


Coffee Sipper is a favorable coffee partner, for all the coffee lovers out there. It’s cylindrical shaped container is perfect for enjoying your coffee anytime and anywhere. Available in Blue, Yellow, Red and Jet Black colors. It’s a surreal gifting option.

Snacky Stacky Plates

It’s an ideal plate for serving your favorites snacks. They are designed in such a way that you can stack them easily in the kitchen or simply carry in your bag. There is a special compartment in the corner of the snacky plates to hold pickle and sauces. The bright pastel colors of these plates gives an elegant look to your dining table.

Wonder Plate

It’s a unique shape plate in which you can easily hold your whole meal. The plate has two sections in which you can place containers for the veggies and sauces. Between the two sections there’s a small slot to keep your Trino. So that you can have your food without any disturbance.

Munchie Box

Munchie Box is a unique shaped container with vibrant colors. This shape gives it a neat and trendy look.You can use it to store biscuits, savories and munchies which can be handy for any person. It’s a perfect partner for your snack time.

Eze Go Box

Simplicity is the solution with NANI’s “Eze Go” that is a
set of 3 rectangular boxes apt for storing multiple items and carry
them wherever you travel. Its charismatic colors, makes these
boxes look attractive and captivating.

Hunger Box 2.0

Yearning for some tasty food? Satisfy your
appetite with Hunger Box 2.O that is fit for carrying your entire
meal. Made with green technology, these boxes are anti- bacterial
and safe. Its metallic colors boosts the overall look of your box.

Crystal Gem Jars

Store your jams, jellies and savories and find
them crispy all day long with NANI’s “Crystal Gem Jars” that come
with a transparent crystal structure and colorful pattern lid that
enhances the allure of your kitchen.

Book Box

"Have your Cake & Eat it too" with NANI's Book Box. Compact in size yet enormous on space. Cease carrying multi-piece "Dabba" or just a single food item, when you can carry your full lunch.

Effiel Bottle

This bottle will remind you of the symbol of love and beauty ”The Eiffel Tower” situated in the most romantic city of the world “Paris”. 

Gherkin Bottle

Inspired by "The Gherkin" - a commercial skyscraper in London. Carry this stylish personal Gherkin along and make a style statement. Designed to reflect the same glaze and sophistication wherever you go.

Colloseum Bottle

The name and Design inspired by the oval amphitheater in the city of Rome. These bottle collections are eye catchy yet durable. Designed to reflect the same glaze and sophistication wherever you go.

Pampered Girls Combo

The most simple way to pamper the girls, especially after a really long, hard day at work, at home or on days of seemingly endless obligations. A must-have combo for all the girls to take their timeout for a bit of relaxation and "me" time.

For the girls to pamper themselves even at work and flaunt your style. With a compact yet big-on-size lunch box to carry her fav food in the most organized form.

Pampered Girls Hunger Box

Pampered Girls Colloseum Bottle

Ditch those mundane bottles and flaunt your style at work with our Pampered Girls ColLoseum Bottles that are sure to be a talking point in your girlie-gang.

Pampered Girls Kafetiere

Pampering is really about making yourself feel good. And, what better way to make yourself feel good than having a cup of hot/cold brewed coffee. The elegant design will surely want you to have one more.



NANI’S  TRINO is an amazing 3 in 1 combination of spoon + fork + knife. It is a multi-functional cutlery, works as spoon from one side and fork, and knife from the other side. The crisscross edge of the fork can be used as a knife.